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Windows 7 updates & more!

Aku dah berjaya projek-kan laptop Along dari Vista ke Win7. I must admit, everything went so well; tak rasa macam install windows. Plus, aku rasa installation tu pantas (Ni mungkin tak betul sebab aku tgh layan Seth McFarlane punye cerita). The only reported hick-ups yg perlu disetel manually hanya driver utk webcam dan card reader. Other than that, everything works like a wistle.

But still, i personally think that Win7 performance will gone lower as it still using registry same as previous windows which slows down thru usage (especially when too much installing f4il wares).

But overall, Win 7 is a great upgrade for XP’s and Vista’s out there 😀

Anyway, today is my bday. Thanks for the wishes. Some are sweet and some are camcelaks. Hell, how u guys love me for what a prick i am…i’ll love u back. Awww, so sweet! bluerghhhk! Again, thanks 🙂

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