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Januari 12, 2010 Tinggalkan komen

Pusat Serenti 3

Yaaaa…aku baru saja membeli Pusat Sukan 3 (PS3) dan ia bakal mengganti Xbox aku selaku juara bertahan Media Centre di rumah untuk melayan ceritera-ceritera didownload.

Turun takhta setelah 4 tahun berkhidmat.

FF restart tiba-tiba. AKU MALAS NAK TULIS DAH. Nanti la aku sambung pasal media server ni.

p/s: I drive on her streets ’cause she’s my companion. I walk through her hills cause she knows who I am. She sees my good deeds and she kisses the winded. I never worried, now that is a lie.

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Disember 30, 2009 Tinggalkan komen

Aku bz lately. Balik keje pon kene panggil balik. Farking tired. Ade macam-macam nak tulis tapi takde mase.

I thought Mesia je ade Year End Sale, Coldplay pon buat. Hei hei, kalau ade money to waste memang aku dah angkat seketul dua.

p/s: Call my name through the cream and I’ll hear you scream again.


Starry eyed suprise

Disember 21, 2009 Tinggalkan komen

I think I’m having Bipolar Disorder. Begitu jua seorang manusia yang berkelulusan medical. Cis, sometimes I hate it when I’m right. Too many simptoms. Maybe too much stress, too much work, too much responsibility. Need more cash? Maybe. Don’t need much for now for sure, yet if the gold mine comes rolling why not rite? Oh my, I do enjoy converting Malay words to English.

Don’t hide your feeling or some will say

Don’t be a shy cat.


Now I’m out of the topic. Oh ye, Cat dah dapat anak. Tak lawat lagi. Maybe this week hohoho I should wear like Mr Nicholas and giving presents to them. Meleis will sure bang me for doing that. LOL.

p/s: I adore the chick that catches the star in her hand.

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Away from the sun

Disember 11, 2009 Tinggalkan komen

Listened to 3 doors down while driving to Perak last weekend. It does brings up distant and near memories. Mixed Mode. I must admit, the 3 days experience is a something to remember.

Fly pidgin

Disember 9, 2009 Tinggalkan komen

Now I’m moving to Pidgin for good i guess. Been testing since it first came out but only now I think i can truly move on.

For those yang tak tahu, Pidgin is a chat program which allow user to login to different chat network (Gtalk, YMessenger, Live, ICQ and the list goes on) using only one software. Why this is good? Sebab ia mengurangkan penggunaan processor and memory esp the ever so popular unstable plus resource hogging YMessenger. It is available on Windows, Linux and Unix platform.

So, what is the reason I’m start using Pidgin?

First, the interface isn’t too clunky anymore. It doesn’t look cool now, but it’s OK for me. Some may say it still look ugly, but I can live with it. If you’re looking similar software with nicer look, please do try Trillian. I’ve read somewhere that the latest beta release is performing well.

Kedua, the add-on available. The number been increasingly well through out the years and this time i can find most of the function I needed in a IM. (Telling you the truth, I’m addicted to add-ons. Esp on my Firefox :D)

Note that YM and Live should have no problem logging in. But some Gtalk user does have problem logging into the network. To solve this, try the config below

Force old (port 5223) SSL: Checked
Allow plaintext auth over unencrypted streams: Un-Checked
Connect Port: 443
Connect Server:
Proxy type: Use Global Proxy Settings

Enjoy ur flight! 🙂

Berikut adalah sekadar tambahan. Sila skip jika perlu.

Sekadar gambar hiasan

Sekadar gambar hiasan

Lately aku agak bizi, nak main Dragon Age pon tak sempat. Morrigan dah memanggil-manggil ni. Ade dua exam nak kene setelkan juga. So have to put perkara lagha to the side dulu. Banyak la pulak aktiviti perlu dilaksanakan.

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Siri bercakap dengan Lordeon

Disember 8, 2009 Tinggalkan komen

(9:25:17 AM) Radinator: yo Lordeon
(9:25:26 AM) Lordeon: yo keltai
(9:36:14 AM) Lordeon: wthek.. tegur pastu ilang
(9:40:29 AM) Radinator: lol
(9:40:32 AM) Radinator: boss panggil
(9:40:35 AM) Radinator: apekan daya
(9:43:20 AM) Lordeon: ye la
(9:44:07 AM) Radinator: apa kabar awek?
(9:44:24 AM) Lordeon: morrigan?
(9:44:28 AM) Radinator: lol
(9:44:34 AM) Radinator: awek aku tuh
(9:44:42 AM) Lordeon: pi mampos
(9:44:44 AM) Lordeon: lol
(9:44:45 AM) Radinator: ko bkn leliana ke
(9:44:46 AM) Radinator: lol
(9:44:55 AM) Lordeon: morrigan aku punye okeh
(9:44:59 AM) Radinator: tlg sket
(9:45:03 AM) Radinator: awek aku tuh
(9:45:08 AM) Lordeon: tsundere sejati
(9:45:12 AM) Radinator: lol
(9:45:23 AM) Lordeon: ko amik la awek dwarf
(9:45:32 AM) Lordeon: wahahaha
(9:45:57 AM) Radinator: bkn ko ke yg fetish dwarf
(9:46:17 AM) Lordeon: aku fetish elf ngan morrigan aje
(9:46:25 AM) Lordeon: char aku cun gilos
(9:46:40 AM) Radinator: ko amek la elf sudah
(9:46:44 AM) Radinator: morrigan aku ponya
(9:46:47 AM) Radinator: wakakakaka
(9:47:24 AM) Lordeon: pi mampos
(9:47:34 AM) Lordeon: morrigan tetap milik ku
(9:47:36 AM) Lordeon: wahaha
(9:48:28 AM) Radinator: wahahahahahahaha
(9:48:42 AM) Radinator: ko dah brapa persen?
(9:48:50 AM) Lordeon: ntah
(9:49:02 AM) Lordeon: baru lvl 11
(9:49:08 AM) Radinator: nub tu
(9:49:14 AM) Radinator: morrigan x suke nub
(9:49:19 AM) Radinator: aku dh lvl 16 lol


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Disember 2, 2009 Tinggalkan komen

I’m fightin’ for this girl
On the battlefield of love
Don’t it look like baby cupid
Sending arrows from above
Don’t you ever leave the side of me
Not probably
And honestly,
I’m down like the economy