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Its like Indiana Jones. Youll uncover everything including tresures and traps

Cleaning up in progress

My beloved HDD have failed me once again. Fortunately enough, i discover it way before it totally crashed. I’ve heard a small clicking noise. Thank god my hearing still good, not as it used to be but still good. One thing I’ve learned:

Windows 7 DETECTS that your HDD gonna kick the bucket AND inform you bout this.

Well well, what a good feature, it also asks you to do your backups. Nice feature yet it does nags and irritates. Oh yeah, it also provides steps to do backups. No, it doesn’t help me but I think it does help peoples with less computer literate.


Ah, I also upgraded my Windows XP to Vista Windows 7 64 edition. No problem in finding drivers. For now.

Anyway, I have to move the 300Gb of data. Its time to clear up duplicates and unwanted/unused files. Guess what? The process removes around 80gb of data already and ongoing. Taking a rest for now. Mika’s new album is on the playlist and sometimes House keeping me company with his antics.

Not bad...

Not bad

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