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Like the sun

The title means nothing really, it’s just pretty damn hot here at Matrade. I’m waiting for the appointment with a client. Still half hour to go.

Have a long talk with friend of mine yesterday. Something to pick up here and there. Nice chit chat on overall.

Anyway, cant wait to finish this job and shoot from here to settle things that should be settled long time ago.


It’s funny when seeing how things went. It reminds me a song from Too Phat.

Currently listening Michael Buble, Live in Madison Square Garden. Layan. Feel. Chill.

Lek lek kul aje…

Tapi kekadang mental tetap kacau mcm telur dadar masak sambal. Sedap. No denying in that. Biarkan ia berlalu seperti angin bayu.

Ah, sudah 1.40pm. gtg.

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