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Starry eyed suprise

I think I’m having Bipolar Disorder. Begitu jua seorang manusia yang berkelulusan medical. Cis, sometimes I hate it when I’m right. Too many simptoms. Maybe too much stress, too much work, too much responsibility. Need more cash? Maybe. Don’t need much for now for sure, yet if the gold mine comes rolling why not rite? Oh my, I do enjoy converting Malay words to English.

Don’t hide your feeling or some will say

Don’t be a shy cat.


Now I’m out of the topic. Oh ye, Cat dah dapat anak. Tak lawat lagi. Maybe this week hohoho I should wear like Mr Nicholas and giving presents to them. Meleis will sure bang me for doing that. LOL.

p/s: I adore the chick that catches the star in her hand.

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